Pneumatic Tubesystems: Nearly invisible but essential!

Pneumatic tube systems are used as logistics systems within building complexes worldwide. Although this is hardly noticed by the general public, they play a vital role in hospitals, for example. Blood and tissue samples can be sent directly from the operating theatre to a laboratory at a speed appropriate to the occasion. The patient can remain under anaesthesia as the analysis results are available within a very short time.
If desired, the transport chain can be optimized to the extent that special receiving units in the laboratory automatically remove the sample containers from the pneumatic dispatch boxes and feed them into the gene sequencer. The samples are assigned to the transport container by barcode (by RFID technology), which enables a complete tracking of the transport. This logistic data is then stored in an SQL database, which can also be accessed by external programs on request.
Such systems have hardly anything to do with the thought "What, pneumatic tubesystems are old and primitive", which is usually found in public perception. Instead, pneumatic tube systems are used to realize highly complex logistic processes in industrial and clinical operations, which are often considered to be indispensable shortly after installation.