Welcome to PTSONE

Although PTSONE is still a very young company (founded in 2018) the employees can look back on up to 35 years of experience in the national and international pneumatic tube business. Before the foundation of this company, the managing directors were all already independent with their own companies for a long time and each of them had a great passion for pneumatic tube systems. Then, however, in the course of the years the impatience became bigger and bigger, because the market and the products available in it hardly developed further and own ideas as well as contemporary product solutions could not be realized any more.
This was the birth of PTSONE. 
Despite the young age, PTSONE products, such as devices, electronics and software are fully mature, since their development was already started in the above mentioned individual companies. For example, the SkyRail software with the corresponding electronic hardware has been proven in many systems since 2014. 

Meet With Our Team


Dipl. Ing. Thomas Bredehorn
Software and Elektronic Development

35 years of experience regarding pneumatic tube systems
Developer of SkyRail System
Developer of Transponet System,
Airco Vision, AirView, SuperVision and ComCenter

Hartmut Martens
System installation and service

20 years of pneumatic tube experience
System knowledge: SkyRail,
Airco 2, Airco CC, H61,
Airco Vision, Transponet

Dipl. Ing. Daniel Timmermann
Development of microcontroller controlled hardware


Dipl. Ing. Rolf Bruns
Board Layout, Hardware Development


Frank L├╝bben
Webservices and Mobile Apps


Dieter Wardenburg
Assembly, Service, Equipment Construction