Our Services


Project consulting, system installation, system optimization, maintenance, repair, development of customer specific devices, customer specific software solutions, upgrade of legacy systems.

What We Do


The construction of devices, design of electronic components, development of software, as well as the manufacturing of devices is completely carried out in our company.
This enables us to react quickly and flexibly to special customer requirements and challenging project tasks.

Members of our company can meanwhile look back on up to 35 years of experience in the pneumatic tube system sector. This enables us to quickly and correctly classify problems and solve them promptly.

We attach particular importance to the personal contact to our customers. A request is always handled with a binding contact person, so that the task does not end up as a number in a digital support system.



Services In Detail

Here once again a detailed selection of our services


Project Consulting

Requirement analysis, system design, creation of simulation models for throughput

System Installation

Installation by experienced pneumatic tubesystem technicians. This minimizes project risks
in terms of costs and delivery time.

System Optimization

Analysis of existing systems. Simulation of the effect of expansions/conversions for
cost/benefit analysis. Software updates for Performance Tuning


Maintenance of the existing systems by professional staff and high-quality spare parts



Repair of mechanical and electronic components up to electronics with SMD components

Device Engineering

Customer-specific device design, e.g. for laboratory receiver systems

Software Development

Flexible control system allows fast creation of customer-specific solutions

System Upgrade

Old systems can be converted by us to a modern pneumatic delivery system by means of an
upgrade. Often the existing equipment can be reused, which reduces the costs considerably
and also avoids the installation of many small construction sites.